Lockport Mayor Makes Statement on Monday’s Deli Robbery and Vehicle Involved Shooting

Full Statement by Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman:

“This morning there was a robbery at Frank’s Deli on West Avenue.  There was also an altercation between two vehicles that included shots fired near Erie and Walnut Streets. 

“Our police have been partnering with other agencies and have had extra patrols out for months. We have added a person to the county drug task force, added a detective that focuses on gangs and drugs to the detective division, joined a regional task force to combat both, as well as asked for assistance from the state and federal levels.

“We understand it is scary to become a witness, but we will support you. You are not alone. Once one person speaks up, I believe others will follow in your strength. When you feel you don’t have the strength, reach out to the community and allow us to offer a hand up. We cannot allow a select few people to impact our community in such a negative way. We have a lot of wonderful people of all ages, creeds, and color. We have seen the best in people. Unfortunately, over the last few months we have also seen the worst in people. I pray for all those in our community. I thank our first responders for protecting and serving our community, but they cannot do it alone.

“Our community needs to support one another and encourage those who know something to step up and speak out. Together we can be Lockport Strong.  Sign up for the anonymous app: STOPit and use LockportPDTips to sign up for Lockport. You can share video, photos and text messages. Call our non-emergency number: 716-433-7700.”