Congressional Candidate Hits Lockport for Meet and Greet: “You don’t need Albany or D.C. to tell you how to live.”

Libertarian Congressional Candidate Duane Whitmer is familiar with the campaign trail, having run in the special election for District 27 in June of this year, and now as a candidate for the regular election in November.  One of the more difficult challenges, according to Duane, is discarding what he sees as the common misconception of the Libertarian Party.  “Our opponents, they find our outliers.  They find our most extreme candidates.  They find the really fringe people and blast them in the media to say: This is the Libertarian Party.”  That’s contrary to reality, Whitmer says, “When someone asks me what the Libertarian Party stands for, I simply say: Smaller government, control your own life, and you don’t need Albany or D.C. to tell you how to live.”

During a recent campaign stop in Lockport, Whitmer talked taxes and regulations, describing the current environment as overbearing, while pointing out that he does not endorse the defunding of roads or stop signs.  “We want to cut overbearing regulations.  We want to cut overbearing licensing.  It’s not Mad Max or a world with no stop signs like our opponents would suggest.”  He added, “At a federal level, cut overbearing regulations and taxes that don’t allow businesses to compete.”

Adding clarity on party issues apart from taxes, Whitmer said of the Libertarian message, “It’s ending the war on guns.  It’s ending the war on drugs.  It’s ending the war on small business.”  Providing further insight, Whitmer discussed ending the war on drugs in the face of an opioid epidemic. He believes that if the government is to get involved, it should be to provide support for those suffering addiction as opposed to giving them an arrest record.  He remarked, “Addiction is a mental health issue.  So, if you are addicted to heroin and I catch you using, and then I put you in jail. Did I solve your problem?”  Whitmer added, “There are systems out there, but they need to be better.”

Overall, Whitmer said of the Libertarian Party, and equally, his run for New York’s District 27, “We aim to focus on small victories that are going to let you live your life better.”