Canadian Company Doubles Down in Orleans County with New Medina Facility, OEDA Gives Details

Bomet Recovery Inc., a largescale Canadian based recycling company, has decided to break ground at the Medina Area Business park upon recent project approval from the village board.  The newest branch to Bomet in Orleans County, of which there is already an existing facility in Albion, will provide twenty-five new job opportunities for area residents.

Gabrielle Barone, V.P. of Development for the Orleans Economic Development Agency, commented on the company’s decision to reaffirm their presence in Orleans County with a second facility.  “They sent in a deposit to purchase the land.  Then that transition will go through later this year,” she said, adding “We were not aware of this, but they looked outside the area.  Yet, they settled on Medina.  It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

According to Barone, the land was perfect for Bomet’s newest expansion, being already zoned throughout for varying types of industrial work.  In addition, the area’s ability to satisfy power requirements made it the reasonable choice.  “The power requirement is simply well-suited to the site that they chose,” she noted.

Lastly, Barone commented on the how the Albion and Medina Bomet facilities would interact or impact one another.  She stated, “That (Albion) facility is still operating and will continue to operate.  These are going to be two separate operations.”