Medina Murals Add Variety to Historic Village, Artist Talks Project

“I’m mostly self-trained. I went to Buff State for Fine Art, but I learned most of it after the fact,” said Chuck Tingley, a Buffalo based artist working on Medina’s latest mural.

The idea for Tingley’s mural, the third piece to Medina’s growing artistic hotspots, came into vision at his home in Lockport. He explained, “During the beginning of the pandemic, I was home a lot, I lost a few jobs.  So, I was just drawing, like a lot of freehand drawing, and I made an original sketch for this which is the inspiration for this mural.”

Tingley also shared the mural’s meaning, stating, “It’s sort of like a selfie.  Basically, the backpacks loaded up with the art supplies, and I’ve got my animals with me, and there’s going to be a flag sticking out that says: ‘Fake it till you make it’.”

Tim Hungerford, the leading coordinator for these art projects, spoke directly to the project’s purpose, noting, “The goal was obviously two-fold.  Which is to clean up blighted and banal areas, and to do it in an interesting way.” He added, “Medina has a great deal of history, but it lacks a great deal of contemporary elements and modern elements.  So, for us, this was just a way to inject some of those elements to juxtapose the current environment.”

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