Medina Business Offers Children All-Inclusive Play Options

Adam and Kerry Papaj own AJ’s Play Date at 627 West Avenue in Medina.  In an era where the diagnosis of sensory processing issues in children is on the rise, the couple wanted a space where all kids can engage their mind and have some fun. 

Kerry, a speech pathologist with 26 years’ experience, believes children will fair better with options between the types of engagements they make.  The right half of the building being spaced and designed for “imaginative play.”  This allows children with sensory processing issues to enjoy an experience adjusted for their state of mind.  An area where they are less likely to be overwhelmed, but still have plenty of options.  “There are objects on the wall that are on a vertical plane.  There is a magnetic and sequin wall where they can interact.  Also, there is the garden Adam built.  This is very similar to an occupational therapy setting,” Kerry said. 

On the left side of the building, you will find the playhouse designed for children engaging with big motor skills.  Kerry explained, “There’s tunnels, climbing, jumping and bouncing.”

The idea for this business, in part, came from the duality of Adam and Kerry’s sons.  “Our two sons are very different.  Aiden is the hyper-athletic one who likes big motor engagements.  Arik is more into the fine motor stuff,” Kerry explained.  She added, “We kind of combined both the big motor and small motor activities at the same time.”

Lastly, Kerry remarked on the setup and equipment geared to address children more individually, stating, “It has a researched-based background.  These things are used therapeutically, and kids don’t always get what they need in schools.  Also, sensory rooms in schools are being taken apart right now.  Even in Lyndonville we had one and then it’s gone.”

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