Libertarian Congressional Candidate Aims to Save Small Business in Middleport

Duane Whitmer is most certainly a man on a mission, and recently, that mission took him to Middleport for a meet for greet with potential voters for New York’s 27th Congressional District.  “Small businesses are dying, especially in New York State.  So, I think my tax plan will help Middleport because it’s going to allow people to open small businesses,” Witmer remarked at the Portside Café on Main Street.

According to Whitmer, if he earns your vote, his plan will cut the small business tax rate to zero.  If you own a business that makes 100,000 dollars in a year, that business would save 21,000 dollars.  “That’s a new employee or rent for a new building.  That is expanding.  That’s paying more wages,” Whitmer said.

Lastly, Whitmer remarked on the benefits of allowing small business to flourish, “Small businesses tend to invest more profits.  They want to grow.  Also, most of their money tends to stay in the community.”

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Duane Whitmer is a Military Veteran and Hamburg Accountant seeking your vote as the Libertarian Candidate in New York’s 27th Congressional District.