Medina’s 810 Meadworks Gets Gold at International Mead Contest

The Mazer Cup International, a worldwide mead contest held annually in Denver, gave out gold to one local establishment this week after their latest fall contest.  “It’s my first gold, I also have a silver and a bronze,” said Bryan DeGraw, part-owner to 810 Meadworks on West Center Street in Medina.

The gold medal this year went to the brewery’s creation of ‘Scarlett’, a mead blended with apple, cranberry, blueberry and wildflower honey.  The brewery also picked up another bronze this year for the creation of ‘Sweet Devotion’, blended with black currant, rose petals, black tea and bergamot.  “They’re two of our flagship meads.  They’re both in our top five sales every year,” DeGraw said.

Humbly, DeGraw expanded on his gratitude, “I’m super happy to get both of these awards.  I think they are both quality meads.  I strive to do that with everything we make.  You know, some things just fall together in the right way.  This was one of those times.”

(Bryan and Larissa DeGraw, two of three co-owners at 810 Meadworks, serving local brews for visitors. The third owner, Timothy Elliot, is not in the picture.)

810 Meadworks is located at 113 West Center Street in Medina, N.Y.  Hours of operation are as follows:

Friday & Saturday: 2 – 9 p.m.

Sunday: Noon – 6 p.m.