Seaman Gets Law Enforcement Endorsement from Multiple Groups in District Attorney’s Contest

A number of key law enforcement groups and officials across the county have endorsed Brian Seaman in his candidacy to be Niagara County’s next District Attorney. Seaman has earned the endorsement of the Niagara County Deputy Sheriff’s PBA, the New York State Police Investigators Association, and the Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Inc. 

Current and retired law enforcement leaders who have lent their support to Seaman include retired Niagara County Sheriff Jim Voutour, Retired Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert, Retired North Tonawanda Police Chief Bill Hall, Middleport Police Chief John Swick, Town of Niagara Police Chief Jim Suitor, and Lewiston Police Chief Frank Previte.

In his endorsement, former Sheriff Voutour said, “Brian was the kind of prosecutor that my investigators wanted working on their cases because he was tough, thorough, and hard-working. He always gave our cases the attention they deserved and got results.”

Chief Eggert stated, “I couldn’t think of a better candidate for the office of Niagara County District Attorney than Brian Seaman and he has my unqualified endorsement.” 

Chief Hall said about Seaman, “All the citizens of Niagara County can be assured that his integrity, competence, honesty and knowledge of the office, make him the best choice for Niagara County District Attorney.”

With regard to the support he is receiving from law enforcement, Brian Seaman said, “I have great respect for the work of our law enforcement officials. I believe their support of me is a reflection of the work I did in my years as a prosecutor. Law enforcement officers want a DA who will work as hard as they do to bring justice for crime victims. That is exactly what I will do if elected.”