Perhaps Medina’s Oldest Business, The Walsh House Has Revitalization Under Latest Ownership

Providing hospitality since the 1860’s, Medina’s Walsh House Hotel has endured roughly 160 years of providing service to residents and visitors.  Originally entitled the Clark House, the Walsh House took on its current title after a purchase by Eugene Walsh in 1904.  At the time, the building had 38 separate rooms, containing such amenities as electric lights and steam heating.

According to an article from the Medina Tribune in 1938, wining and dining at the Walsh Hotel was a notable experience, “Ask any 10 Western New York men if they know where West Ave. in Medina is and they will probably reply with an inquiring look. But take the same men and ask them if they know where Medina’s Walsh House is and their faces will light up with recognition brought on by memories of succulent steaks, broiled chicken, and braised short ribs of beef that were served along with steaming bowls of gravy. For Medina’s Walsh House is known throughout this section of New York State.”

Tim Cooper, former Owner of Cooper Funeral Home in Medina, purchased the Walsh House Hotel roughly three years ago.  The establishment, which once hosted business meetings and dinner parties, had seen better days.  Years of mismanagement and poor upkeeping seemed a difficult task to overcome.  Although, in recent weeks, this age-old establishment seems to be breathing new life.

According to a painter at the building, recent investments have been made all over, inside and out.  New floors in what may be a banquet room, new doors throughout the building, and a refinished sign and fresh paintjob covering the entire building’s facade.  Atop of that, a new bar is planned to be installed. 

So, what does this mean for the Walsh House Hotel? Probably not the return of broiled chicken, but certainly something good.  If anything, it is another revamped and revitalized business readjusting to a village on the upswing.  Another business adapting to the appreciating value of their community.

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