Wilson Mayor Tackles Townline Pier in Weekly Breakdown of Local Issues

A piece by Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson:

This week I wish to share information on the Townline Pier. The Townline Pier in the Village of Wilson has been negatively impacted by high-intensity wave action and erosion. In 2019, the pier was approximately two feet underwater. Our pier is less than a half mile from Wilson Harbor to the west, less than a half mile from Krueger Park to the east, and right at the intersection of the Seaway Trial and Niagara County Wine Trail. Enhancements to the pier would increase public use and potential development opportunities in the Village.

Proposed mitigation measures on the project will consist of: Additional riprap to stabilize the structure, in addition to further shoreline treatments and raising the height of the pier to an appropriate elevation to prevent the structure from being submerged during high water level(s). This approach would permit the pier to be resilient to both high and low water levels.

The REDI Commission will pay 95% of the cost of this $1.5 million dollar project.  Legislator Godfrey secured $19,838 for the Village of Wilson, which has been instrumental in helping us meet the local match requirement and we thank him for his tremendous efforts on behalf of the Village of Wilson. This is just another great example of the way lakeshore communities and the county have continually collaborated and shared resources to battle the flooding problem.

It is my intention to create economic development opportunities from opportunities handed us by the REDI Commission. All of us — all of us need to be reminded that your participation in the Villages “new beginning” is vital.

I am here to serve in the most attentive, courteous, and efficient manner possible. Feel free to call me on my cell phone at 716-208-4568.