Poloncarz Releases Something Resembling an Apology: “It Happens” says Erie County Executive

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who found himself in hot water over the weekend concerning an unmasked group photo at a golf tournament, placed something of a non-apology on his Facebook yesterday. 

“Yesterday, I was part of a team golf event in which our team won and I was asked to get in a photo with some of the team members. I did and forgot to wear my mask.   We stood together for about 15 seconds. I should have worn a mask but forgot.  It happens,” Poloncarz stated on Sunday evening. 

He added, “Our Department of Health considers a close contact being with others for more than 10 minutes.  While I should have worn a mask nothing the team members did in that photo is contrary to our health protocols: we were outside, less than 20 people and together for the photo for about 15 seconds. This just goes to show how we can all make a mistake and reminds me why I must carry a mask with me at all times.”