Niagara County Couple Attempt Stealing $700.00 Worth of Food in One Trip, Assault Employees Before Arrested

Acting Sheriff Michael Filicetti announces the arrests of Michael Quarcini, 47, and Heather Moody, 31, both of Niagara Falls, after a shoplifting incident at Tops Market, on South Transit Road in the Town of Lockport, on September 19, 2020.

In that incident, Moody shoplifted approximately $700 in food from Tops and was stopped by employees while leaving.  While being detained by employees, Quarcini, who was with Moody, entered the store, and shoved an employee against a wall injuring them. This allowed them to escape the store.

A deputy was nearby when the call was dispatched and arrived after the scuffle. Quarcini and Moody both had fled and entered their vehicle in the lot. The deputy ordered them out of their vehicle, but both ignored his commands and hastily drove away, almost striking the deputy.

Quarcini was operating the vehicle.  An alert was put out for Western New York agencies to be observant for the vehicle and the two suspects.  On September 20, a New York State Trooper located the vehicle parked at a motel on Niagara Falls Boulevard in the City of Niagara Falls. Both were taken into custody and brought to the Sheriff’s Office.

Quarcini was charged with Assault in the Third Degree, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of Governmental Administration, and Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree. Moody was charged with Petit Larceny and Resisting Arrest.

Despite his extensive criminal history, Quarcini was issued appearance tickets returnable on a future date in Lockport Town Court and released in accordance with the provisions of the New York Bail Reform legislation.

Moody was also issued appearance tickets for Lockport Town Court but was being held on several warrants from Niagara Falls and North Tonawanda police departments for other unrelated incidents.