Village of Wilson’s Weekly Talking Points with Mayor Lawson

Ordinary Angels Doing Everyday Miracles

By: Arthur Lawson

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, it has not been easy. It has been over 200 days since the first case of COVID arrived in our State and with that arrival of COVID, it has created extraordinary circumstances not experienced by our generation.

However, with COVID we also have Ordinary Angels doing Everyday Miracles. At our Village meeting on September 17, 2020 I had an opportunity to recognize a few of our citizens and would like to take a moment to thank them again:

I want to recognize the contributions of Cheryl Ann Ziolkowski-Krygier, she has contributed to the welfare of our Village citizens by providing over 500 meals; Tammy Darnell has contributed to welfare of our Village citizens and many others by making over 1,400 face masks; and Mikey Moyer has contributed to welfare of our Village citizens by coordinating a drive through Wilson Helping Hands, that has provided necessary school supplies to several Village children. Citizens like Cheryl, Tammy, and Mikey reflect the sense of community that bonds the Village of Wilson.

For this week I would like to leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin that exemplifies our residents, “Good citizenship is when effective citizens do simple but powerful things on a daily basis that keeps our Country strong and free”.

With the great work of these citizens and many more it is safe to say our Village and Community has a strong and healthy future.