Lockport Scouts Get Shoutout from Mayor for Tireless Effort on Area Greenspaces

The City of Lockport is filled with greenspaces and parks, and those areas don’t maintain themselves.  The Troop 4 Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts play a critical role in the beautification of this area’s greenspaces, volunteering throughout the summer and fall to do the vital work of keeping Lockport’s landscape a diversified one.

Mayor Michelle Roman, a strong supporter of Lockport’s city parks, conveyed her gratitude, stating,  “I want to thank all of the Boy Scout troops and Eagle Scouts who are dedicated to maintaining our green spaces, parks, gardens, and trails.  Excellent job working on Lookout Point at Outwater Park.”

Furthermore, Roman explained how much territory the Boy Scouts cover, noting, “The Scouts help maintain the Gulf Wilderness Park, John Henry Park, Outwater Park, and more. Also, the Rotary Club and various Optimist clubs help with the Children’s Memorial park, Ida Fritz, Canal trails, and more. The veteran organizations also help with various areas, as well. Thank you all for partnering with the city and making our community healthy, beautiful, and improve our quality of life.”

A representative of the Towpath District Iroquois Trail Council clarified exactly how the troops and packs organize in leading their effort to maintain our parks:

Troop 82 operates in the Community Garden at John Henry Memorial Park Henry Memorial Park while Pack 

Troop 6 in Lockport have started a rehabilitation project at the Rose Garden area in Outwater Park. 

Pack 7, Pack 8, Troop 4, Troop 14 (Lockport’s only female Scouts BSA Troop) and Troop 82 all participate in cleaning the Erie Canal Trail and Packet Park each year.