Middleport’s Longtime Beloved Village Clerk Delivers Farewell Message to Residents and Officials

A piece written by Rebecca Schweigert on her last day as Middleport’s Village Clerk:

It is with a sense of satisfaction and a great appreciation for this little Village of ours and all of its residents that I hereby tender notice of my retirement effective September 18, 2020.

My career as Clerk-Treasurer began on September 20, 1999, and it has been a wonderful 21 years working for the people of the Village of Middleport.

I will take two decades of love, challenges, heartaches, and fantastic opportunities and memories with me. There have been many, many good people who have served on the Board of Trustees, and it has been an honor and a pleasure to have worked with them all. My fellow employees have been the best of the best! They work hard to serve the residents, and it shows.

Something that I am very proud of is that in all of my years, I only missed one Board of Trustees meeting, and I attended every Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board meeting, as well. I am also very proud that I was able to help many, many Village residents, regardless of their issue, to the best of my ability and usually with a positive outcome.

I leave you in the extremely capable hands of my successor, Lisa VanBuren. The Board of Trustees has done the people of this Village a great service by hiring her to be my replacement. Her love of this Village equals mine, and she will care for it as I have. Starting September 19, 2020, she will be the Clerk-Treasurer of the Village of Middleport.

It is my wish that this Village continues to be a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Thanks to everyone who helped me be the best that I could be!