Questions Answered by Orleans County Legislature on Salt Works Road Land Sale in Town of Shelby

In correspondence with Jack Welch, Orleans County Chief Administrative Officer, some questions were asked of, and answered by the County Legislature:

(1) Question: How does the new owner intend to clean up so many tires?

Answer: “Hard work.”

(2) Question: What is the estimated cost to clean the property?

Answer: “Estimated between $10,000 – $13,000.  This a small price compared to building a new house on the property.”

(3) Question: Do you have any concerns about a fire?  Or concerns about any other ecological impact?

Answer: “No.”

(4) Question: What exactly was this land purposed for before transferring into the County’s possession?

Answer: “The grandfather (of the new owner) took in tires to get them off the street, collected abandoned tires from the roadside to clean up the community and the surrounding area.”

(5) Question: What does the contract state between the County and private buyer on how long this individual has to clean the site up? 

Answer:August 1, 2020 and the buyer has nine months.

(6) Question: What happens if the new owner cannot clean the site up in the time allotted?  Are extensions given?  Will it be a Shelby Code Enforcement problem?

Answer:If Mr. (Omitted for privacy) is unable to clean up the property, he will not be able to build his new home.  If the town is dissatisfied with the cleanup efforts, then the local code enforcement may get involved if the town so desires.

According to Welch, the new owner wishes to develop a home on the property.  He explained, “He is the grandson of the previous owner.  The property means a lot to him. He wants to have the property back in their family and plans to build a house there.”

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