Paving to Start in Middleport Next Week, Village Gives Advisement to Residents

A message from the Middleport Village Board:

Starting at 6 am on Monday, September 21, 2020, paving will begin on East Avenue, progress to Park Avenue, then to Maple Avenue, and will then finish Park Avenue. This schedule is intended to avoid interrupting school buses as they pick up children that morning.

If you will need your vehicle that morning, we suggest you move it somewhere to not be trapped by paving vehicles. We appreciate your patience and understanding.At this time paving has not yet been scheduled for Francis Street and Kelly Avenue. We understand your frustration that these streets are not yet scheduled to be paved, but that will happen soon.

Due to COVID-19 shutdown restraints, we can only get so much done at a time with the limited resources available to us. We, again, appreciate your patience and understanding.