Niagara County’s Chairman Wydysh Hits New Heights, Joins Sheriff’s Office in Homeland Security Patrol

Becky Wydysh, Niagara County Legislature Chairwoman, took to the sky earlier today, joining with law enforcement to experience the surveillance keeping Niagara County safe.

Noting on the day’s events, Wydysh was grateful for the firsthand insight on the efforts keeping this county and country secure at the border.  She remarked, “Tonight I had the awesome experience of touring Niagara County with Lt. Ron Steen of the Sheriff’s Dept. Aviation Unit in County 1, the Sheriff’s helicopter. We flew along the lake shore and then followed the river from Lewiston into Buffalo on a Homeland Security border patrol route.”

(Niagara County’s Chairman Wydysh posted a gorgeous photo from her patrol.)

Additionally, Wydysh believes these types of team-up’s help build deeper bonds between legislators and law enforcement, stating, “These firsthand ‘ride alongs’ have given me a whole new understanding of what our deputies do daily to help protect our community. Thank you to Sheriff Filicetti and his whole team!  Next up, the Underwater Response Team practice.”