Medina Superintendent Outlines Overly Restrictive State Guidelines: “There is a revised guidance that has been sitting on the Governor’s desk for three weeks.”

Mark Kruzynski, Superintendent of Schools in Medina, gave a student return report at Monday evening’s meeting of the board.  “The kids who are here, you can just see it, even with their masks on.  The smiles they have.  They’re ready to be here,” he noted of the hybrid-model restart in education.

While pleased to see eager students, both virtual and in-person, Kruzynski outlined issues in the form of New York State DOH guidelines.  He explained:

“A problem we have is with the guidance, that we have been assured will be addressed, but it still hasn’t been addressed.  The way things are currently written into DOH regulations, if a student has any COVID like symptom – So, not that we suspect them of having COVID –  but if a student shows up at school with any symptom that could be part of COVID, they are to be sent home.  They cannot come back to school without a negative COVID test, regardless of if a doctor says it was something else.”

Symptoms of COVID-19 widely range, with many other varying ailments presenting similarly.  According to the CDC, some of those symptoms include: Fever or Chills, Cough, Fatigue, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose.

School districts around the state have applied pressure on Albany for changes to these guidelines in recent weeks.  Guidelines Kruzynski and others fear could cause avoidable misdiagnosis of students, and ultimately disrupt the learning process.  Important to note: The COVID-19 test cannot be administered by the Medina School District at this time. This means parents will have to schedule those appointments on their own.  Additionally, the current wait-time for a test result can be up to seven days or more.

Kruzynski seemed baffled by the Governor’s inaction, stating, “There is a revised guidance that has been sitting on the Governor’s desk for three weeks.”