With REDI Opportunities Abound in Wilson, Mayor Makes Call for More Resident Input

Arthur Lawson, Village of Wilson Mayor, gives his weekly breakdown:

This week I meet with several residents on the waterfront and shared some talking points pertaining to the closing of the Wastewater Treatment (WWTP). The closing of this plant presents the Village with an opportunity for a new beginning.  I appreciate the opportunity to present a discussion on this topic, but more than that I am grateful for the feedback I have received from residents near the WWTP.

With my recent meeting in mind, I wish to say this administration’s objective will be a healthy, vigorous, growing rapport with its residents that provides equal opportunities for all residents to participate in our government. All must share in the productive work of this “new beginning,” and all must share in the bounty of this Economic Development Initiative.

We are a village that has a government – not the other way around and I am here to serve you. With the idealism and fair play which are the core of your village government and our strength, we can have a strong and prosperous village with the option to choose from many economic development initiatives.  So, as we begin, let us take inventory.

A short list of the Harbor Peninsula Inventory of Opportunities include: 1) Develop as a village park, 2) Lease to an outside developer, 3) Sell the land outright, 4) Encourage the Greenway Commission to expand along the south shore of Lake Ontario and make this parcel of land a highlight along the route, 5) Other new ideas our residents wish to present.

It is my intention to create economic development opportunities from opportunities handed us by the REDI Commission. Now, so there will be no misunderstanding, it is my intention to give our residents a chance to participate. This is government at work. Currently the village is conducting due diligence on our “new beginning.” All of us — all of us need to be reminded that your participation in the villages “new beginning” is essential.