The sale of a property on Salt Works Road in Shelby by the Orleans County Legislature to a private buyer, reportedly littered with thousands of tires, caused a stir at the Town of Shelby Board Meeting Tuesday evening. Some residents felt that the Orleans County Legislature had successfully ‘passed the buck’.

As Town of Shelby Supervisor Jeff Smith concluded the session, opening the floor for final public comment, one resident stated, “We have a situation that has arisen and I’m trying to figure out how this happened.  On Salt Works Road, the County (Orleans) sold a property to a private buyer without going through the regular process.”  The resident and Shelby business owner, who asked to remain unnamed, added, “I notice there is no Orleans County Representative here tonight.”

Shelby Supervisor Smith responded, “We were just informed of that a few minutes ago.  That this had happened.”

Dan Wolfe, Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Shelby, also spoke up, stating, “Last week, I left my job during normal hours.  I went and talked to Legislator Eick, expressing my displeasure with what has been going on. I guess it is going to fall to me to see if this fella’ will honor his agreement somehow or get violated for property maintenance issues.”  Lastly, Wolfe remarked, “I think letting your legislators know that you are very displeased would be a good thing to do.”

(Code Enforcement Officer Dan Wolfe speaks with the Board and residents in Shelby.)

According to area residents, the property discussed was formerly a tire recycling operation. When the business went under decades ago, thousands of tires remained around the property. After a failure from the former owner to make property tax payments, the land was seized by Orleans County, until it’s sale to a private buyer this week. Much of that property is now occupied with regrown forest, which could make the removal of tires that much harder.

Some tires on the small portion of property still cleared of growth.
Tires seem to be all around the visible part of the tree line. It’s uncertain how far back they go.
All of these photos were taken from the next door property with permission from the owner.