Serendipity on Wilson’s Waterfront, Solving the Waste Water Treatment Problem

A piece by Village of Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson:

By this time in 2021, our Village will be well on its way to completing the REDI Commission project that will shut down the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project, more than any other, places the Village in a serendipitous position that allows our Village to be judged by history. A history where we were the generation considering the needs of future generations, and created opportunities that provided for our future generation. All while moving the Village forward.

This project seeks to address the recurring damage and risk of flooding within critical infrastructure at the Village of Wilson and its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Residents and businesses in the Village of Wilson are also affected from the water inundation and sewer backup as a result. The proposed project includes shutting down of the Village’s WWTP and diverting the wastewater flow to the Town of Newfane through an inter-municipal agreement.

In summary, my vision for this project includes the following: 1) Shutdown of existing Village of Wilson WWTP, diverted wastewater will go to the Town of Newfane WWTP, 2) Installation of a new pump station to convey water through a new 12-inch PVC force main running along NY-18, and 3) Lowering village sewer fee rates in  about 2 to 5 years after the project completion.

This week I would like to share a quote from Condoleezza Rice that I believe describes our current water front position, “Life is a series of events that seem quite serendipitous, and you need to put yourself in a position for serendipity to happen.” The best way for our Village to be serendipitous is to capitalize on opportunities handed us that allow us to predict our future by creating it. The REDI Commission has given us this opportunity. I will be reaching out to Village Residents on an individual and small group basis over the next few weeks to prepare for a Village forum on creating serendipity on our waterfront.