ORTT AND HAWLEY HIT APPLE PROCESSING PLANT IN ORLEANS COUNTY: “I will always stand up for hardworking farmers,” says Senator

Lyndonville’s HH Dobbins Farm hosted a tour today for some leading legislators in the area.  Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27), Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia), and Senator Rob Ortt (R) took a tour of the processing plant to better understand the labor and logistics involved with preparing and shipping apple products. 

This visit comes after an ongoing outcry from the agricultural community against increases in costly regulations as outlined by the New York Farm Labor Bill passed in 2019. 

A few days prior to this visit, Congressman Jacobs was vocal on his disapproval, stating, “The NY farm labor bill passed in 2019 was disastrous legislation written by people who don’t understand the needs of farmers. I’m proud to be fighting for our great dairy farmers in Congress, & I’m working closely with them to make sure they are supported.”

Senator Ortt has been a strong opponent of this this bill since its inception.  Over the past year, he has continued fighting on behalf of farmers to have it repealed or modified.  Ortt succinctly described the problem, from his point of view, in a statement last year while fighting the bill’s inception on the NYS Senate floor.  Ortt remarked,

“For months, I toured farms across western New York and spoke about this legislation with hundreds of workers, employees and community residents. Employers and employees alike pleaded that this bill would destroy small family farms. With New York State farm closure rates already triple the national average, this legislation will grow the closure rate and devastate the number one economic driver in New York.”