CDC Gives Instructions for Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine by Late October and Early November

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has sent out information to all 50 states, including five large-scale metropolitan centers, to ready themselves able in distributing a vaccine by either late October or early November.

The New York Times reports that the five cities mentioned as New York, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, and Philadelphia. 

The vaccine for COVID-19 has been split into two batches according to the CDC, which lists a “Vaccine A” and “Vaccine B”. 

Vaccine A will be a shipment of two million doses by late October, with another twenty million in late November, and another twenty to thirty million doses by December’s end.  Vaccine B will be around 1 million doses at the end of October, 10 million in November, and 15 million by December’s end.

According to CDC guidelines, populations like health care professionals and essential workers will have initial access to these vaccines.