Niagara County Mask Giveaway Gets Creative, Gives Back-to-School Tie-Dye Option

Niagara County Legislature Chairman Becky Wydysh today announced that the Niagara County Department of Emergency Services will hold three drive-thru events on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week at the Public Safety Training Facility in Lockport to distribute masks for children going back to school.  The drive-thru giveaway will coincide with the release of a video from Emergency Services on how kids can tie-dye their masks. 

“With school beginning, we want to continue to remind children of the importance of wearing masks and also try to make it fun with the video on how they can tie-dye their masks,” said Wydsyh.  “We always have had a strong response to our mask giveaways, and this will be the first one targeted toward children as we will giveaway white masks with beads to do the tie-dying.”