Lockport City Schools Superintendent Delivers Welcome Back Message

Lockport City School District’s Superintendent Michelle Bradley released the following message to welcome back and instruct students returning for the fall semester.

The Superintendent’s letter states:

“Although this is not the way we want to begin a new school year, we know we must adjust to a new normal. In doing so, we will be maintaining a focus on academic instruction to enhance student performance and address learning loss associated with COVID-19. As we open with a global pandemic as the backdrop, our efforts will go towards balancing education equity for all students and the health, safety, and well-being for all people.

“In July, Lockport City School District posted its School Reopening Plan, which is available for review at www.lockportschools.org/reopening. Students have been assigned to either a BLUE Cohort or a GOLD Cohort for reporting Parents are expected to perform a health screening prior to a child boarding a school bus or being dropped off at school.

“If a child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, the child should stay home and a health care provider should be contacted. Students will wear masks while riding a school bus and while in school. Teachers will provide mask breaks throughout the school day, including mealtime. Cleaning and disinfection guidelines will be followed, and include high touch surfaces in classrooms, offices, and restrooms. The District will cooperate and coordinate its efforts with local health officials if an infected person has been in a school building. These officials will help the District to take appropriate action. to school for in-person instruction.

“While students are at home learning through a remote model, we understand that parents/caregivers will be monitoring their children’s learning. The District is committed to implementing user-friendly technology platforms to deliver instruction while at home. In the event that a parent/caregiver has questions or needs assistance with the technology, please call 478-4485 or email Dr. LiPuma at rlipuma@lockportschools.net”

The full letter with more information on guidelines and protocols can be found here: https://www.lockportschools.org/WelcomeBack?fbclid=IwAR1PS_lbTASncyL3cpN0kB5LXV-ATmjEamWDaRafZFPK3Qy9PPded8XnHi4