Lockport’s Sidewalk Sale Brings Business Outside

Lockport’s Sidewalk Sale was in full action on Saturday with business owners placing goods outside their shops, drawing in the passing foot traffic.

Donna Laffler and Kristen Spinks, Owners at Ladies of the Locks on East Avenue, were happy with the event’s turnout.  Spinks, who was outside her business with some merchandise, remarked, “We just came back in the beginning of August.  Things were a bit slow at first coming back, but this week has really picked up.” 

(Spinks (left) and Laffler (right) pose for a photo during the Lockport Sidewalk Sale.)

The Historic Lockport Palace participated in the sale, setting up a booth outside the main doors to their currently closed establishment.  “Even though we’re closed down right now, we still like finding ways to connect with the community and build a little revenue,” remarked one Palace employee working the table.

(Lockport Palace employees and volunteers sell clothing, candy, and raffle tickets for a $4,000 dollar gift card to Mills Jewelers.)

Gina Pasceri had a rack of price reduced goods ready for the event, and said she is happy with business, but still would like more consistency in such an unpredictable environment.

(Gina Pasceri stands outside of The Windsor Knot on Main Street.)

Even the Lockport Police Department took advantage of the events ability to draw in the curious.  A booth explaining the requirements and specifications to take and pass the civil service exam was available throughout the day.

Both the Police Chief and Civil Service Representatives were available to any interested.

(The Lockport Police Department’s informational booth on civil service exams at Saturday’s Sidewalk Sale.”) Photo Credit: LP Police Dept.