Medina Mayor Talks Sales Tax Payment from County Government, Thanks Local Businesses for Hard Work

Medina Mayor Mike Sidari released a statement of gratitude to the Orleans County Legislature today, concerning recently released sales tax figures, including how much will be earmarked for each municipality.

“I would like to thank the County Legislators for moving forward and releasing the sales tax funds to the Towns and Villages.  Many of our Legislators have started as councilman, trustees, supervisors, and mayors, they understand what it is like trying to work their budgets.  They are doing that now on the county level.

“Of course, this could not have without our local business owners working through the last several months in these uncertain times.

“I would like to also thank everyone who is shopping locally.  When we shop in Orleans County for everything we can, that tax money stays in our county.  Please continue to shop local when you can!”

The current amount allotted for each municipality to receive using quarterly payments is as follows:

Village of Medina:  $149,638

Village of Lyndonville:  $15,243

Village of Albion:  $165,688

Village of Holley: $45,051

Town of Albion:  $123,143

Town of Ridgeway:  $130,143

Town of Shelby:  $105,811

Town of Gaines:  $88,698

Town of Yates:  $66,312

Town of Kendall:  $86,813

Town of Clarendon:  $116,261

Town of Murray:  $113,915

Town of Barre:  $64,536