Cuomo “Shames” CDC for not Sharing His View on COVID-19 Testing, Blames Them for New York’s “Ambush”

Governor Andrew Cuomo became combative in a teleconference Wednesday morning over updated COVID-19 guidelines provided by the CDC.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that some forms of brief contact with a COVID-19 positive individual may not require a test.  Especially if you find out later, and never presented any symptoms.

Furthermore, due to this conclusion, the Governor of New York accused the CDC of being “propagandized”, “incompetent”, and even a mouthpiece for the White House.  It is important to note that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been frequently critical of White House guidelines in the past.  So, if they have taken mantle to “propagandize” for the President as asserted by the Governor, it was only recently.

Governor Cuomo stated, “The CDC put out new guidance that really strains credulity.  The CDC on Monday changed the guidance to say: If you have been in close contact with a person who was infected with COVID you do not need to get a test.  This reversed their pervious guidance.  I’ve spoken to health experts from around the globe (adding no specific source) none of them will say that this makes any sense from a health point of view.”

The Governor further pontificated, explaining, “The only plausible rationale is that they want fewer people taking tests because as the President has said: If we don’t take tests, you won’t know that people are COVID positive, and the number of COVID positive people will come down,” adding, “He (POTUS) now has the CDC carrying forward his political agenda!”

The Governor also made a point to call COVID-19 “the European virus,” and boldly called the CDC “incompetent” for not tracking COVID’s arrival from Europe to New York State more accurately.

Lastly, the Governor remarked, “Shame on the people in the CDC.  These will be indefensible actions in the light of history.”