Wilson Mayor Stresses Collaborations and Partnerships as Future of Village’s Success

From Village of Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson:

“By this time in 2021 the Village will be well on its way to completing or have completed multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects to upgrade our Townline Pier and shut down our Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Moving forward I believe that the key to all the progress in our Villages past and the key to all future progress in our Village is collaboration and partnerships.

“This past week the Village of Wilson hosted an informational session for Congressman Chris Jacobs. The Army Core of Engineers discussed resiliency opportunities for Great Lakes Infrastructure, Destination Niagara discussed the impact of COVID-19 on regional Tourism, and the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission discussed the impact of travel across the bridges that link New York State and Ontario.

“Partnerships with local governments and agencies will provide opportunities the Village needs to create more economic development initiatives.  Some partnerships maybe be focused on creating a Healthy Fitness, Walking, and Biking Community.  Some partnerships may be focused on increasing our share of the visiting traveler crossing the bridge from Canada.  Some partnerships maybe focused on building on a robust sport fishing industry on Lake Ontario. Finally, some partnerships may be focused on building community events. I am full of optimism about all partnerships our Village is building for our community.

“We have more partnerships than ever before as our prospects continue to be enhanced by the projected completion of the REDI Commission Projects.”