Lockport Native Sets High Bar for Fighting Patient Cancer Costs

Antonius Melton is a Lockport native who lost his father from cancer in 2015.  This event left an indelible mark on Melton, moving him to create ProjectCKC, a local non-profit dedicated to alleviating the financial cost of being diagnosed with cancer.

Melton, who works in Lockport as a butcher, is happy with the progress his organization has made since it started in 2015.  Yet, he says in or order to do more, it needs to grow even larger.  “I want it to blow up.  This way we can help as many cancer patients as possible.”  So far, he explained that without the proper funding, ProjectCKC has been limited to aiding individuals in Niagara Falls. 

A graduate of Bryant & Stratton, Melton believes branding is one way of expanding his organization’s donation base.  He remarked, “The clothing is what really promotes the brand, gives us a different look, and separates us from any other non-profit organization.” 

Apart from branding, Melton says hard work is obviously another part of expanding a non-profit, noting, “We sent out numerous letters a couple of weeks ago.  Cross my fingers.  We sent them all around the region”

ProjectCKC merchandise, mission statement, and recent activity is on display at www.ProjectCKC.com

Melton explained that of every purchase made, $10.00 will be set aside for donation to a cancer patient in Western New York. Other portions will be set aside for expenses tied to the organization’s operational costs, and the creation of charity events in support of fighting the staggering financial burden associated with a cancer diagnosis.

You can visit them for updates on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectCKC