Despite Following the Rules, Transit Drive-In Owner Fears State’s Crackdown on Drive-In Concerts

The Lockport Drive-In held a concert series Saturday afternoon, hosting two bands while mandating and enforcing a socially distanced crowd.

(In accordance with NYS guidelines, you can be in close proximity of those with who you attend. Many of these small groups were couples, or a few close friends who arrived in the same vehicle.)

Owner Rick Cohen fears the irresponsibility of a few may cause a stoppage to future events, lamenting worries of more regulations on drive-in concerts.  Cohen remarked, “Right now the state is trying to shut events like this down.” 

Explaining that a few businesses had been cited for violating regulations around the state, Cohen noted, “Just because you have a few places calling themselves a drive-in, and then they violate the rules doesn’t mean that everyone should be punished.”

(The small groups kept distanced from each other and the stage. This is in alignment with the NYS COVID-19 guidelines at this type of event.)

Lastly, Cohen said, “It doesn’t make any sense for us.  We have the security and enforcement necessary so that if people are violating the guidelines, we can easily split them up.”

Two bands played Saturday afternoon to an elated crowd.  ‘Grub’, who describes their genre as psychedelic rock, and ‘Witty Tarbox’, playing a surf funk type setlist.  You can find a link to each of their Facebook Page’s below:

(‘Witty Tarbox’ plays for the crowd at Transit Drive-In Saturday afternoon.)

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