Lockport’s New Signage Fills Void on City’s Main Street, Alderperson at Large Ellen Schratz Talks Positive Impact

If you happen to be on Main Street in Lockport today, keep an eye out for the striking addition of a lot sized sign filling what was once an empty space between storefronts.   

(An employee of Ulrich Signs gives some finishing touches.)

Alderperson at Large Ellen Schratz, who was heavily involved in the sign’s creation, wanted to share her gratitude to all those who made this a reality.

Schratz remarked, “I would like to thank the Lockport Public Arts Council for making this project possible.  Also, I’d like to give a thank you to Ulrich Sign Company for creating the sign. We are excited to see such growth in our Main Street corridor and signage like this helps promote community pride and engagement.”

This project was funded by the Lockport Public Arts Council – (a non-profit organization) – with added donations from the Verizon Media Benefit Fund. The use of property for the new signage was granted by Granchelli Development and Real Estate.