Wilson Mayor Tackles Weekly Talking Points, Amplifies Positive Impact from Communication

A piece by Village of Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson:

Communication is powerful, words are powerful. What role do I see in public communication and sharing my stories and the importance of doing this publicly? I strongly believe that role is to share information you can use in your life and in your business to become successful in your community. It is what you can do for others that will benefit you and you will never catch me not doing my best to emulate this. 

Daily we are surrounded by communication and do not realize it. Take the example of Fiorello LaGuardia who was the Mayor of New York City during World War II, before America entered the conflict. During his tenure, he was given the unenviable task of providing police protection for a group of Nazi dignitaries who were visiting the city. He had no choice but to provide it, but he communicated very strongly by making certain that every member of the police force assigned to protect those men was Jewish. I am confident Hitler got the message. That is communicating. 

The dictionary says to communicate is “to impart, to give to another, as a partaker, to confer for joint possession, to bestow, as that which the receiver is to hold, retain, use or enjoy. To impart as knowledge, to reveal, to give as information, either by words, signs, or signals, as to communicate intelligence, news, opinions.” 

Even though we have incredible technology that enables us to “communicate” instantly with people around the world, we are still woefully short on recognizing communication that happens around us in our countryside community. Communication takes practice, it is never perfect, sometimes not patient, sometimes not kind, but you have to say what is on your mind. Lend an ear, listen not just hear. Communication is not a one-way street, it takes two, to concur this feat. Communication is hard you see, but in the end, it is key, to that great relationship. 

I hope you find our weekly “Talking Points” updates informative and this week I wish to leave you with the following quote, “In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, encourages others to do their best.” – Zig Ziglar