‘Sidewalk Sale’ Attracts Perusing Purchasers to Medina, Historic Downtown District Fills with Shoppers

“We get our pieces from pretty much all around the United States,” said American Craftsmen Gallery Owner Timothy Dunn during Medina’s ‘Sidewalk Sale’ on Saturday.

(Owner of American Craftsmen Gallery chats with a customer.)

Expanding, Dunn explained, “I’ve been doing this for twenty plus years, and most of these pieces are sent from the people I’ve come across in the last twenty years doing art shows.”

Dunn hopes to expand operations, developing the open area on the second floor into a spot for art classes.  He said, “I’ll probably bring artists in to do a class; like a jewelry class or something.  Just like a four-hour class with a few people up there. We can wine and dine a little.”

(Some of the finely crafted goods Dunn provides.)

Daniel Doctor was at the event signing up new students for West Side Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.

(Owner at West Side Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, Daniel Doctor, hard at work getting new students.)

Doctor was scheduled to bring a group of performers to Europe, visiting places like Austria and Germany.  The trip has been postponed until the first week of August 2021.  Doctor remarked, “I think we will end up doing a Broadway Show.”  Doctor’s current choice, “Music Through the Ages.  Which will take us from the 50’s to the present.”

Co-Owner of Downtown Browsery in both Medina and Albion, Erik Sinkora, was setup outside for the Sidewalk Sale, greeting customers as they entered the store.

“It only took an hour, we had four or five of our vendors here helping us,” Sinkora remarked on the sidewalk setup outside the business. 

(The Downtown Broswery had plenty of traffic today.)

The Medina and Albion Downtown Browsery locations act as a host for upstarting entrepreneurs to display their goods or services. Furthermore, the business has created a brick and mortar presence for many area residents.  Sinkora explained, “We have over 30 vendors in Medina, and 70 vendors between Albion and Medina.  I’ve got a waiting list for vendors.”

(Downtown Broswsery’s storefront.)

Lynn Brundage, Owner of ellen j goods, was front and center at her business during the Sidewalk Sale.  Discussing sales over the last few months, she provided a positive report, stating, “We have a strong social media presence.  It has really kept us going.”

(Owner of ellen j goods, Lynn Brundage, stands with her husband J.R. Brundage.)

Expanding on the importance of a virtual imprint, Brundage remarked on sales during a pandemic, “We’ve had a very active website in place for a few years.  So, we’ve actually sold a lot of product during this.”

(Some shoppers looking for that perfect something.)