Sunflowers of Sanborn Brings Visitors Ready to See a Full Bloom

Louise and Chad Brachmann started growing sunflowers near the road of their farm in Sanborn four years ago, and ever sense, have had to expand and reposition operations into a family friendly visitor spot come full bloom each year.

(A mother and daughter leave with their keepsake.)

Deanna Przepiora, who you can find working the information booth, gave details on an event whose foundations stem from loss.  She explained, “Four years ago, Louise lost her parents, and she was very sad about that.  Chad then actually planted the sunflowers as a surprise for her.  They had no idea it would become such a sensation.”

(A couple walk through the flowers.)

Additionally, Przepiora noted, “Other years we usually have events going on over the weekends, but this year is a little different.”  Regardless, she noted the farm has been heavily trafficked this season with wide-eyed lovers of natural beauty from all over western New York.

You can find ‘Sunflowers of Sanborn’ at 3111 Saunders Settlement Road.  To learn more about their operations and events, click below: