Internationally Renowned Gasport Artist Talks Inspiration, Displays Latest Piece during Interview

“When you’re an artist, you’re always looking for that next painting,” said area painter Kathleen Giles during a discussion this week at her Gasport based studio.

Giles, who was recently accepted into the International Guild of Realism Show at the Principle Gallery in Charleston, has been perfecting her watercolor realism for the past 29 years.  Over the years, her following has grown, attracting students to her popular art classes at the Kenan Center, Market Street, and elsewhere.  She remarked, “I have had people coming all the way from Rochester, East Aurora, Canandaigua, and really all over.”

(Giles newest creation.)

During the outbreak of COVID19, Giles shared, an increase in the request for online classes has skyrocketed.  She happily announced that those classes are nearly here, stating, “I’ve been putting teasers on Facebook that online classes are coming.”

Giles also discussed her growing ‘signature status’ in the art world among varying watercolor societies and artistic organizations.  A highly sought status reserved for those with the most prolific and talented catalogue of work.  She says it all plays into the process of getting her work seen all over, stating, “I’m looking to be apart of galleries in other parts of the country.  This way I can really get my work seen all over.”

(Giles stands with her work for a photo.)

If you want to see more of Giles work, ‘Kathleen Giles Studio’ is open for visitors and customers alike.  Giles only asks you call ahead of time.  You can reach her at (716) 795-9368, or email her at

To see more of Giles paintings on her website, click here:!/HOME


(A painting hanging in Giles home of a young woman she painted during a farmers market on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo)
(One of Giles most popular reproductions is of the Lockport Palace.)