Bright Future for Wilson says Mayor Lawson, Talks Harbor-to-Harbor Bike Trail

With the awarding of two separate state grants in the approximate amounts of 4.6 million and 1.5 million dollars, Mayor Lawson sees revitalization, and even innovation not too far down the road.

“The two awards we go put us in a prime area to develop new economic initiative opportunities,” Lawson reported.

The 4.6 million will go towards decommissioning the current Wilson Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The need for this made evident from escalating Lake Ontario water levels.  Furthermore, funding will go towards the required infrastructure necessary to connect Wilson with Newfane’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

One exciting addition, Lawson plans to push for an extensive bike trail, stating, “One of the things we are talking about is as they lay a pipe to Newfane, as they close our wastewater treatment plant, building a bike trail to connect both harbors.”

Shifting focus, Lawson made sure to touch upon the raising and stabilization of the Townline Pier.  He remarked, “We’ve almost got it ready to sign – the agreement – and then hopefully have it out to bid in the next 30 days.”

(The Townline Pier.)