Niagara County DPW to Open Wisterman Road Bridge Tomorrow

Niagara County Legislator Will Collins, Chairman of the county’s Infrastructure Committee, today announced that the Wisterman Road Bridge in the Town of Lockport will reopen tomorrow. 

“I continue to congratulate our Department of Public Works team, the local contractors and construction workers who are doing a tremendous job moving these projects along,” said Collins.  “This is another project that has been completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  And most important, we are making sure we maintain a safe and reliable transportation network.” 

The former bridge, a 3 span, 65 foot timber structure, was replaced with a single 70 foot span galvanized steel multi-girder system.  Work began in early March of this year. 

2 thoughts on “Niagara County DPW to Open Wisterman Road Bridge Tomorrow

  1. Ahead of schedule and under budget eh? Sounds like someone is cutting corners. #staywoke

    1. lol Otis Spunkmeyer huh? It actually took forever to get it approved and finished (like five years). Once the federal funding came through, the project was already well designed and ready to go, so the progress from that point on was pretty fast.

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