Superintendent at Lockport City School District Announces Reopening Plan, District will Implement ‘Hybrid Model’

Michelle Bradley, Superintendent at Lockport City School District, made an announcement today on plans going forward with reopening in the fall.

“We will be operating under a new normal,” said Bradley, adding, “We must now shift from what we used to do when returning to school in the fall, to what we must do as we reopen schools with the global pandemic as the backdrop.”

Additionally, Albany’s mandate for a detailed reopening plan from every school district in the state due today, July 31st, was discussed.  Each plan designed to include a remote model, hybrid model, and in-person model for reopening in the fall.

(A graphic provided by the Lockport City School District during Superintendent Michelle Bradley’s announcement today. It explains general reopening parameters from the state.)

Bradley announced, “In Lockport, the hybrid model will be implemented for all student’s pre-k through grade 12.”  Explaining exactly what that means, she stated, In other words, students will be assigned by the primary family last name to either a blue cohort or a gold cohort, and report to school on the assigned day for in-person instruction.  They will be participating in remote learning from home following a schedule from the teacher.”

Furthermore, ‘Blue Cohorts’ will include students with a last name beginning in A through K, and ‘Gold Cohorts’ will include all students with a last name beginning in L through Z.

Lockport’s Superintendent of Schools also wanted students and parents to know, “Due to the social distancing requirements, a full in-person model is impossible at this time.”

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