Widewaters Receives Hit-and-Run from Careless Driver, Temporary Closing of Indoor Service for Repairs

Early on Wednesday afternoon, ‘Widewaters’ in Lockport was struck by a vehicle, which quickly left the scene after some communication between working staff and the vehicle’s occupants.

“They hit us with the car and then they left,” said ‘Widewaters’ Owner Lindsay Marvin shortly after the incident.  She added, “They told the kids working, ‘We’re leaving, you better get a picture of our (expletive) license plate’.”  To which the young employees at ‘Widewaters’ heeded this advice and took clear shots which were sent to local law enforcement.

(A hired worker clears and assesses damages.)

Marvin described the group as, “I would say in that late teens to early twenties age.”  Employees noted the occupants of the vehicle as female.

After leaving the scene, the driver of the vehicle did make a phone call to ‘Widewaters’, providing some more information, such as the drivers name.  Marvin remarked, “I think she was worried about tickets.”

‘Widewaters’ is still open, but indoor services are temporarily closed until repairs are made, and the building regains its structural integrity.

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