Village of Wilson Has Open Use WIFI Hotspot, Provides Internet within 300 Foot Range at Kreuger Park

“Well, it is an internet hotspot and we expect it to be up and running sometime this week. The Village of Wilson hotspot will be located at Calvin C. Kruger Park and it is open to the public for use. We will make an announcement on our Facebook Site when the internet hotspot goes live. 

“In our new normal resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic, this high-quality internet will be available to help village residents with work requirements, school virtual learning, and online telehealth appointments. Whatever it is that you need to go online for, we have just made it easier for you in the Village! The hardware equipment and set up service were donated by Microsoft at no cost to the village. To take advantage of the Village’s internet hotspot go the parking lot at the large DPW garage at Calvin C. Kruger Park. The hotspot will have a range of about 300 feet from the DPW garage. 

“Regardless of what your current situation I want to remind everyone that the outlook for the Village is bright and the future is still coming to us. Tomorrow is going to be the direct result of the decisions we are making today. So, if we are doing things today that will make us better tomorrow, and we continue that pattern day after day we are building a community that will keep our children and young professionals in a village that so badly needs them. As your Mayor, I continue to plan for a robust future. Providing a high-quality hotspot in the village is one of many opportunities coming our way that will give the Village momentum going into your tomorrow’s. 

“I want to thank Niagara County Legislator Dave Godfrey & the Niagara-Orleans Regional Alliance – Rural Broadband Initiative for letting the Village of Wilson Board know about this fantastic opportunity and making it a reality for us!”

It’s easy to spot the Department of Public Works building with this uniquely crafted sign.