‘SMALL BUSINESS WEEKEND’ SHOVES OFF IN LOCKPORT: Here Are a Few Foot Traffic Reports from Your Favorite Local Shops…

Lockport Main Street Inc.’, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion and growth of local small businesses, has put together a ‘Shop Small in Lockport’ event running from July 24th – July 26th, and by early afternoon, a few shops were already giving positive feedback.

“We have been so busy throughout all of this, it’s unbelievable, just really busy,” said Cyndi Trachte, an employee of ‘Mills Jewelers’ at 51 Main Street.  She added, “We were worried reopening and wondering how it was going to turn out, but it has been really great.”

(Mills Jewelers Employee Cyndi Trachte talks about overall business, early on in this weekend’s ‘Shop Small in Lockport’ event.)

On measures taken to maintain heightened public health standards, Trachte remarked, “We are taking all of the precautions.  They can come in here and can be very comfortable, we have all the state requirements in place.”

(Currently 10% off all in-stock purchases for this weekend’s event.)

The ‘Tattered Tulip’ in the Town of Lockport has its original location at 3980 Lockport-Olcott Road but is currently running all operations through their mercantile down the road at the Wrights Corners Plaza.

(Tattered Tulip’s ‘Sidewalk Sale’ is running with this weekends ‘Shop Small in Lockport’ event. All summer florals are also 50% off.)

Lisa Miles, Owner of the home goods and antiques business, reported great numbers this summer season.  “Probably half of our clientele is from the Southtowns or Rochester area,” Miles said, explaining that this was not apart from the norm for any season. 

(A customer picks a flower.)

One new type of customer noted, according to Miles, “We do get a lot of people that go camping on the lake.  I think camping must be up because I do have quite a few people coming into our shop who say they are camping.”

(The ‘Tattered Tulip’s’ expansive space is creatively decorated.)

Gina Pasceri, Owner of the Windsor Knot within the Lockview Plaza, discussed her store’s operations, “Before they closed us for COVID, we were at 17 months.  She added on numbers, “They were on the upswing.  It was headed in the right direction.  It was great.”

(The ‘Windsor Knot’ at the Lockview Plaza.)

According to Pasceri, the reopening has been hit-and-miss at times, but she remains excited to grow with the Lockport revitalization.  The reason she opened shop in the first place.

(The ‘Windsor Knot’ provides plenty of local options for young men in the area.)