Staying Fit When There Are No Gyms: A Challenge Only 2020 Could Provide

With so many businesses closed in western New York, including area fitness centers, many have been left stranded when it comes to the training of our mind and body through physical activity. 

In Lockport, fitness enthusiasts pine for that favorite piece of equipment at the gym.  That perfect bench press with the back rest that isn’t too narrow.  The squat rack with the easy to arrange setting pegs.  All in all, local fitness enthusiasts miss their workout community and the local businesses which hold it all together. 

With all this being said, gyms will again reopen in western New York, so here is one path on Market Street in Lockport that may test your chops in the meantime. The Thomas J. Balking Fitness Trail provides plenty of areas to pivot, push, pull and engage with varying pieces of equipment designed for a more calisthenics-based exercise.

The ‘Advanced Timber Challenge Course’ will guide you in the varying exercises as you pace your way down the trail.

(Some exercises are fairly simple in form, but with repetition, can make a strong impact on your overall fitness.)
(Some are a little more difficult and may have you questioning every ice cream sandwich consumed since June. No worries, with time I…I mean you, will conquer this.)
(Some take just a few moments.)
(Some take a few more moments than that…)

The point is, if you’re ready to shake off that quarantine dust, you have options. It’s not perfect, but this is 2020, and in 2020 you make due.

The fitness trail on Market Street in Lockport is open from dawn until dusk everyday, and even if the workout isn’t everything you dreamed, at least it has a gorgeous view.