Niagara County Update: Wydysh and Stapleton Discuss Descending COVID-19 Numbers

Niagara County Public Health Director Dan Stapleton joined Legislature Chairman Becky Wydysh for a countywide update this afternoon on COVID-19 data.

“We have 11 new positive cases as of Friday morning,” Stapleton shared, adding “That’s a really great number.  We haven’t had numbers like that in quite a while.  I hearken back to the days we had 54 cases over a weekend or more.”

Right now, the numbers are as follows: 1,384 positive tests to date, 34 isolating, 1 in hospital isolation, 1,250 people recovered, 96 deaths and 40,059 tested in total.

“Thankfully, we don’t have anymore deaths to report.  That’s always difficult.  Right now, 96 of our fellow residents, we’ve lost them since this crisis began.”

Prompted by Wydysh, Stapleton discussed the hospitalization rate, “Hospitalization is a very key metric that the state looks at in terms of whether or not we continue to be open.”  Additionally, he explained the situation in Niagara County, “Currently, the hospitalization rate has been good.  It ticks up and down a little bit, but we look at the trend.”

Lastly, Stapleton said, “The thing we want to remain vigilant about is making sure we keep an eye on hospitalizations and keep that number low.  Keep our hospitals from being presented with a surge like you’re seeing in other areas.”