Tinsel Ice Cream Shop in Albion Hosts Canal Clean Sweep with Ice Cream Rewards, Owner Unveils New Event Space Next Door

Owner of ‘Tinsel Ice Cream Shop’ Natasha Wasuck hosted her second ‘Canal Clean Sweep’ yesterday afternoon, gifting those who participated with a cool treat. 

(Local Girl Scouts take their reward after helping clean the canal.)

Regarding the event, Wasuck said, “We did it last year and it was great.  We had a good turnout.  It’s really nice to see community residents come out and do this.”

Wasuk’s business is now in year two of setting up shop in Albion.  She reported that operations this year were halted due to public health regulations.  “Last year was great through the whole summer.  We close for the season in October.  We’ve been trying to open this year since end of May.”  Wasuk elaborated on her obstacles, “With no indoor seating, it has been difficult.  We’ve been trying to get approval to use the side window, but we have to add that to our insurance.”

(Natasha Wasuck serves her guests at ‘Tinsel Ice Cream Shop’ on 140 North Main Street in Albion.)

Apart from providing a peaceful canal side perch to enjoy a cold treat, Wasuck has bigger plans for the rest of the building. She said, “We plan on using it as an event space. We’ve been working on this for about two years.”

(The close to complete ‘Lockstone’ event hall.)
(A smaller event space next door destined for more intimate gatherings)