Mayor Roman Talks Safety Measures and Digital Council Meetings in City of Lockport

Mayor of Lockport Michelle Roman took time out of her schedule for an interview today, discussing continued safety and distancing measures for City of Lockport Common Council Meetings. 

“I can’t control what’s allowed at Walmart or Home Depot, and I have to follow what’s recommended for us,” Mayor Roman said before a City Fire Board Meeting this afternoon. 

While varying local governments within Niagara County have reopened for public meetings, some residents have been requesting the same for Lockport’s Common Council Meetings. 

It is important to note that local governments reengaging with public participation in person are on the lower end of population counts for Niagara County. 

While the City of Lockport itself has been experiencing a population decline over the previous five years, the population still rests at over 20,000 residents.  This in comparison to communities like Middleport with around 1,750 residents who have merged back into regulated and distanced public meetings. 

Whereas Lockport’s Common Council Chambers have been known to fill up depending on the issue, smaller municipalities participation is slightly more reserved.

“As you can see, it’s very limited seating,” Mayor Roman explained, gesturing towards a council chamber whose chairs were mostly taped, allowing for 6 feet separation of all those attending.

Additionally, with meetings currently held at the Common Council Chambers, the full board cannot even safely distance from each other on the stage.  Roman remarked, “Before we went full LCTV and tried doing it here, with three people on the stage, and then the rest of the council members out in in the audience, there is still really no room for the public.”

Currently, Common Council Meetings in addition to Committee of the Whole Meetings are all livestreamed and catalogued at WWW.LCTV.NET , and for those who don’t use a computer, listen to the meetings on 90.9 FM radio. 

Additionally, you can tune in at Spectrum channel 1303 and on demand.

The number to call for commentary during the public meeting section is (716) 434 1733.