Medina Emergency Food Pantry Keeps Families Fed, Praises Community for Donations

Michelle Capstick and Robin Dubai operated the Medina Emergency Food Pantry at St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church this week.  The pair expressed gratitude for a caring community donating funds in the wake of less government aid.

According to the organization, numbers are up of those in need, with 72 Medina residents utilizing their pantry to gather essential goods in the month of June.

Dubai remarked on the increase, “There’s a lot of young people living together, they don’t have the kind of jobs around here to support themselves.  Hopefully, some of those jobs will come back to the area.”  Additionally, she detailed operations, “Right now, we have about 42 volunteers that are very dedicated, we could not do it without them.  Also, we couldn’t do it without the grant or the village.”

(Robin Dubai shows some of their stocked goods.)

Expanding, Dubai referenced obstacles this year, a $900 deduction in grant funding for one.  Last year’s grant sum was totaled at $3,000, this year, the government awarded the group $2,100 to aid in their good works.  Luckily, a higher than usual outpouring of local donations has kept the organization strong.

Capstick, who is a Special Education Teacher, has been spending a lot of time tackling hunger in Medina.  She remarked, “Since the pandemic shutdown school, I’ve been spending more time here.  This is also because we have lost some volunteers due to the pandemic.  A lot of our volunteers are older women who are retired, and they end up being in the category which is most at risk.”

(Michelle Capstick (Left) and Robin Dubai (Right)

The Medina Emergency Food Pantry at 1355 West Avenue will be open today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.