39 Problems Closes in Albion: Owner Makes Statement, Former Employee and Other Area Business Owners React

‘39 Problems’ Owner Adam Johnson laid out an indictment against doing business in New York State, highlighting frustrations with regulations, and dismay from those reporting businesses.

In a detailed post on social media, Johnson told the story of a building only he and his wife Tina would love.  “Tina and I bought this building in 2015. It was an ugly duckling and we honestly didn’t want it. The deal was an all or nothing deal, and we decided to take a chance. That was a costly mistake for us, with details I don’t really care to go into, but we kept going.”

Expanding, he explained how the building found its purpose, even if for only a short while:

“In early 2020, we were ever so slowly clawing our way forward financially. We were paying in a tremendous amount of money, week after week, because so many people loved us and were counting on us to make it. Our mission and our passion was larger than us. We wanted to be what saved Main Street, Albion. I don’t know why, I suppose it was that inner fire that drove us forward when we should have just walked away, so even still, we kept going.”

Signing-off, Johnson shared he and his family are crossing over into Pennsylvania, stating, “As always, Tina and I will keep going, just like we always have. In fact, we are going to keep going right across the state border to somewhere that respects and welcomes people with a never-ending desire to accomplish something greater than themselves. NY loses another ambitious family.”

A few business owners spoke up on the closure, giving their thoughts on the loss to Downtown Albion.

John and Kathy Howard who own ‘J&K Red Carpet Corner Store’ on 28 East Bank Street expressed sadness over the establishments closure.

Kathy said, “It’s a great place, we used to walk there on Sundays to watch the game.”  She added, “It’s very hard for a small business to function in Albion. ‘39 Problems’, those guys are excellent, they took that from just a small place and made it into that big wonderful fancy space.”

Equally frustrated, John remarked, “It has put us into a predicament, like, should we leave?”

Tara Thom, Owner of ‘Town and Country Quilter’, addressed the news as she closed her shop for the day, “It’s a bummer that not only 39 problems is closing, but the ‘Snack Shack’ is also leaving town.”

Nickie Girardo, Manager at 39 Problems reached out to discuss the shutdown of a vibrant business, leaving staff searching for new work.

Girardo said, “I am heartbroken, that place was my second home, and my staff was my second family. There was always this good vibe, happy feeling in the room at all times. It was the only really fun place our town had.  A place where you could take the family, or go on a date night, or lady’s night and just have good fun with great food, live music, and all-around good people.”