Olcott Beach Business Report — Intrastate Tourism Spikes According to Shop Owners

Olcott Beach shop owners are reporting steady sales heading into the July 4th holiday weekend.

Karla Chenez of Chenez’s Popcorn reported growth for her Lockport based business yesterday evening.  Regardless of varying rules, regulations, and event cancellations set into place promoting public health, sales are strong at both her locations in Lockport and on Olcott Beach.

After managing the homegrown business for over four years, Chenez says they “bit the bullet” and opened the Lockport location.  After that store’s success, another location for seasonal sales at the Lakeview Village Shoppes was developed.

Lastly, Chenez noted on the uptick in visitors and foot traffic, “People seem excited to get out of the house.  We’ve had a lot of people walking through, and either discovering it because they’re coming from Lancaster, West Seneca, Rochester, or wherever, or they know us from Lockport.”

Karen Young, owner of ‘Gift Box at the Beach’, said, “We’ve had more tourists from within New York than usual because they don’t want to leave the state.”

Young has been a mainstay in the ‘Lakeview Village Shoppes’ for years and says the demographics of who visits seems a little different.  She explained, “We had someone here the other day from Long Island, they were supposed to go to Maine, but they decided not to because they didn’t have two extra weeks to quarantine.”

With more focus on intrastate travel here in New York, Young remarked, “It will be an interesting summer to see if we get more of those tourists now.  You can come here, be socially distant, and still have a little vacation.”